About Us

About Us


Welcome to Odamigo Ltd – a versatile company that seamlessly operates in two distinctive spheres. Established in 2011, Odamigo is a dynamic force as a B2B travel consolidator and a prominent player in the realm of multi-product export and sourcing.

B2B Travel Consolidator:

In the travel sector, Odamigo proudly stands as a B2B travel consolidator, boasting a network of over 40+ hotel wholesalers and bedbanks. Our expertise extends to international rail ticket issuances and SOTO (Sold Outside, Ticketed Outside) flight tickets, covering a comprehensive range of worldwide low-cost carriers. Top-tier Turkish travel agencies, including the esteemed top 100, trust Odamigo for a diverse array of services, including accommodations for worldwide congresses and exhibitions.

Multi-Product Export and Sourcing:

In the domain of export and sourcing, Odamigo is a powerhouse, connecting a vast network of international buyers. We specialize in assisting our customers with the procurement of diverse products, including packaging, minerals, machinery, plastics, frozen and dried foods, and more. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our clients receive top-notch support in navigating the complexities of global trade, establishing Odamigo as a reliable partner for a wide range of industries.

As Odamigo continues to evolve, our dedication to innovation and adaptability remains unwavering. Join us in the dual narrative of travel excellence and global trade success. Odamigo Ltd – Where Seamless Travel Meets Global Commerce.

Remember, Odamigo invests in your happiness.

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