Distributor Matching

Distributor Matching

Finding the Right Partner: Key to MSEs’ Global Expansion

Expanding a business into international markets can be a challenging task, especially for medium-sized enterprises (MSEs) that may have limited resources. One of the key elements to successfully expanding a business overseas is finding the right partner. This can include distributors, franchisees, licensees, or other international partners.


UnlockIng Global OpportunITIes:



Our market research services can include:

  • identifying potential partners in specific markets,
  • analyzing their strengths and weaknesses,
  •  and providing detailed information on their distribution networks, sales channels, and other important factors. 

We offer guidance on how to approach potential partners and negotiate successful partnerships. We not only offer these services, but also provide ongoing support throughout the partnership process, including assistance with compliance and regulations, and other important aspects of international expansion. With the help of our market research and support services, our clients have been able to find reliable international partners and successfully expand their businesses overseas.

Partnering for Global Growth: Let Odamigo Guide You

At Odamigo, we understand the importance of finding the right partner for international expansion and we offer a range of services to support companies in this process. We support companies by assisting them in locating possible distributors, franchisees, licensees, and other international partners.

Here are some examples of categories we successfully keep track of. However, you are not restricted to those; if the category you are seeking is not on the list, get in touch with us to learn more.

  • Luxury cosmetics
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