Market Penetration

Market Penetration

Expert Assistance for Market Expansion and Operational Transformation

Growing outside of a company’s current core markets is challenging. Making the appropriate decisions on which industry, service, or region to grow into and how that development should take place is difficult and necessitates specialized knowledge. We are here to assist businesses with market entrance planning, opportunity identification, and the necessary operational transformation.

Odamigo can assist with everything from the first deliberation of whether entering a new market is the best course of action to helping the company carry out the expansion that is best for them. We collaborate with management to find a solution that works in practice, in addition to being “great in theory.”

Ensuring Successful Market Launch:


We employ a wide range of abilities when preparing for market launch, including market and competitor analysis, financial modeling, and stakeholder involvement. Then, in order to ensure that the required operational change is implemented throughout the company, we engage with management to assist the implementation of those market entrance plans.

Unlocking New Frontiers: Expert Market Expansion Support

We have assisted global corporations in expanding into new markets effectively all around the world. We are able to move swiftly and provide value that is in line with the needs of the management teams we serve, thanks to our extensive industry and client knowledge.

Here are some examples of companies we successfully consulted on market penetration. However, that’s not all; if you are seeking for more, get in touch with us.

  • Edreams
  • Egencia
  • Travel Leaders
  • Mystifly
  • Probiotic Group – Provilan

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