Merger & Acquisition

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Navigating Global Growth: Let Odamigo Be Your Compass

Are you expanding your company into multiple foreign countries and looking for guidance and support? Look no further than Odamigo. Whether your company is undergoing organic growth, a merger and acquisition, a carve-out, a divestment, a spin-off, or an IPO, we can help you navigate the process and ensure a smooth transition.

At Odamigo, we understand that integrating and expanding globally presents many challenges for companies. That is why we offer a range of services to assist you in avoiding potential hazards and making informed decisions.

NavIgatIng Transıtıons wIth ConfIdence:


One important factor to consider during any transition is pre-transaction due diligence. This includes understanding the target company’s HR situation, as well as potential risks and effects, prior to a merger or acquisition. We know that any damage to your reputation and a big fine are the last things you need.

To support you in this process, we offer pre-transaction support, including assistance with general HR, agreements and contracts, policies, benefits, and compliance. We also provide continuing and post-transaction assistance, including support with new hiring, onboarding, termination, and performance evaluation processes.

Odamigo: Your Global Expansion Partner for a Seamless Integration

With Odamigo, you have easy access to a single point of contact for all of your needs, as well as the benefit of our extensive network. Let us help you navigate the complexities of global expansion and ensure a seamless integration for your company.