Armored Vehicles

Armored Protection for People and Possessions

Exceptional cover for people and goods is provided by armored vehicles. The use of armored cars has become increasingly important for people who may be at risk of attack or kidnapping, such as diplomats, security personnel, federal employees, corporate executives, celebrities, and high-net-worth individuals, as well as expats living in dangerous regions. These vehicles are equipped with various elements that provide protection such as a strengthened body, night vision displays, road tracking system, reinforced bumpers, ballistic windows, anti-magnetics, and the ability to be modified to particular needs. These armored vehicles can range from commercial, military, or passenger vehicles.

Protectıve Solutıons for Vehıcles:

Armor Up or Retrofit

When it comes to armored vehicles, there are two main solutions:

1-) Adding armor to a standard car. This involves retrofitting a standard car with armor plating, ballistic glass, and other protective features.
2-) Using a built-in-armored car (wheeled or tracked). This involves purchasing a vehicle that is already built with armor plating, ballistic glass, and other protective features.

Customized Armor Solutions

Odamigo offers solutions that are specialized to its users’ requirements, and are produced in response to customer requests. This means that Odamigo can provide a customized solution that meets the specific needs of its clients, whether it be a standard car retrofitted with armor, or a built-in armored vehicle. Additionally, Odamigo provides maintenance, repair and upgrade services for its armored vehicles. This ensures that the vehicle is in optimal condition and that it is always ready for use in case of emergency.

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