Balistic Vests

Bulletproof Vest

A Vital Layer of Defense

Ballistic vests are used to protect against bullets and other projectiles. The vests are designed to absorb the impact of bullets and shrapnel, reducing the risk of injury or death.

Ballistic vests are made up of multiple layers of material, including a protective outer layer and an inner layer of soft body armor. The outer layer is typically made of a strong, durable material like Kevlar, which is able to stop bullets from penetrating the vest. The inner layer is designed to absorb the impact of bullets and shrapnel, spreading the energy across a larger area and reducing the risk of injury.


Ballistic Body Armor Solutions

Odamigo provides a vast selection of high-quality ballistic body armor items that provide exceptional defense against hazards associated with organized crime, political violence, ambush attacks, tactical operations, and more. Odamigo offers numerous ballistic plate combinations in different constructions, protection levels, and weights that can be customized to the user’s requirements. All our ballistic protection products are certified by accredited laboratories according to international testing standards.

Solutions for Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilian Personnel

We deliver a variety of products to satisfy the security demands of:

– The Armed Forces (Land, Air, and Navy); 
– The Intervention Units/Commandos/Special Forces
– Police / firefighters, 
– Local law enforcement, 
– Private security guards / close protection guards, 
– Journalists, aid workers in conflict zones, 
and more… 

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Bulletproof Vest