Small Arms & Ammunition

Small Arms

Small Caliber Firearms in Military Use

Small caliber refers to firearms or artillery with a small bore size, typically less than 20 mm in diameter. In the context of military weapons, small caliber firearms are often used by infantry and special operations units.

Personal Defense

Advantages of Small Caliber Bullets

Small caliber bullets are a top choice for personal defense due to their reduced penetration and recoil, making them easier to handle and control in high-stress situations. Plus, their lower power means they are less likely to pass through a target and potentially harm innocent bystanders. All of these factors make small caliber bullets a wise choice for self-defense.

These rounds offer a balance of power and controllability, making them suitable for personal defense. Plus, handguns chambered in small calibers are generally lighter and easier to carry than their larger counterparts, making them a convenient choice for everyday carry. The ammunition for small caliber weapons is smaller and lighter than that of heavy caliber weapons, making it easier to carry large quantities of it.

Small Caliber Weapons: The Perfect Balance of Power and Control

Small caliber weapons also have a lower rate of fire than their heavy caliber counterparts, making them less likely to run out of ammunition quickly and more manageable for soldiers to carry. They also tend to have a lower recoil, which makes them easier for soldiers to control and fire accurately.

Another benefit of small caliber weapons is that they have a low cost of production and maintenance, which makes them a cost-effective option for many military forces.

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